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Fundraising - Bigg Weezy


Fighting Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer one joke at a time!

In 1996 my father succumbed to prostate cancer and in 1998 my Mother was diagnosed with Breast cancer. She’s also had Open Heart Surgery and is still with me today.  Breast Cancer awareness is very visible today do to campaigns design to make the general public aware of the importance of early detection and self examinations. celebrities like Angelina Jolie recently have spark conversations on this important subject and the support of her husband, Brad Pitt, have helped many cope with the strain that this can cause in families. It is my goal to raise $25000 by June 2014 to help spur on research and prevention. This disease not only affects women but men as well. Please help me in this endeavor by making small contributions at the shows that I appear in and lets continue to make a difference!

Fighting Breast Cancer